Full List of Domains available upon request. I have been in branding and marketing for over 25 years and I know a good name when I see it! I have several other "Leaf" names and several VERY brandable names I have kept aside to pre-develop a brand for as that is my passion. I also own several other MJ. (tld) Cannabis. (tld) and Pot. (ltd) names that I would be willing to sell for the right price but not ready to list them for sale. I also currently have a GREAT coffee brand and AMAZING Luxury Line, GREAT bistro & chef brand, 3 GREAT delivery brands, 3 GREAT Edible brands, 2 GREAT Locator brands, 4 Media Brands, 3 Vacation/Honeymoon brands, 6 Real Estate brands, and numerous Farm and Pharm names. Feel Free to reach out and chat!

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