About Our Website?

Social Media is a huge part of today's marketing landscape and having a clever, brand-able domain is the first step. By adding your properties to our marijuana domain name marketplace we put you in the spotlight for a return on your investment. Potdomains has a vast amount of cannabis domain buyers which we monitor, send out newsletters, and offer promotions for are certified buyers.

Potdomains Auctions (Tier Pricing)?

The model for the domain auction process will be based on "Tier Pricing" in which once a domain name is added will begin at a set standard price of $3,000.00 (First Day) and decrease in pricing every daily @4:20 PM (New York, EST UTC-5:00) down to $1,500.00 (Final Day) until the domain is sold or removed from auctions.

Domains added to potdomains auctions are available for instant purchase via first come first server basis at the current price of $3,000 and will decrease daily at 4:20 PM eastern standard time

  • Domain Auctions will start and run for four (4) days
  • Domain Auctions will decrease in pricing daily at 4:20 PM (New York, EST UTC-5:00) by -$500
  • Four (4) domains from the "Upcoming Auction list" will be automatically selected at random and added to auctions on a daily basis
  • Day 4 Auction Start pricing domain "auctions" $3,000.00 Buy now
  • Day 3 pricing domain price has been reduced $2,500.00 Buy now
  • Day 2 pricing domain price has been reduced $2,000.00 Buy now
  • Day 1 pricing domain price has been reduced $1,500.00 Buy now
  • Domain will be sold via first come first serve buyer
  • If no buyer after (4) days time @4:20 PM (New York, EST UTC-5:00) domain name will be added back to the marketplace
  • Buy it now may "not be claimed" through email reply; user must secure domain through potdomains.com auctions
  • Potdomains will allow and open user submissions for auctions very shortly
  • Domain submissions will be manually "reviewed" and selected for potdomains auctions
  • Domain must be added to marketplace prior to submitting domains to auctions for "review"

Potdomains Auctions (Tier Pricing)?

Visit Clubhouse for more rules on auctions. - https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/xVr5b5KG

Adding your domains (Domain Marketplace)?

We allows any users to freely list their pot related domains for sale on the marketplace and website.  By adding your domains your submissions will get added on the following websites:

  • Potdomains.com

Add your domains here

DNS Landing Page?

By using our landing pages we make sure active buyers will find your domain name. All our sales have been through users using our sales lander; below are reasons why using our landing page is beneficial to selling your portfolio.

When a user types or goes to your url and nothing is being utilized on the domain or using default Godaddy registration page the average person does not go the extra step and find a whois service to find out the information of the owner.  Over the years we have come to realize it's best to setup a sales lander and make sure the user finds your domain and able to purchase the domain the first time around.

Once your domains are added you can find our sales lander by using our DNS servers below:


By directing and changing your domains DNS servers you can see a few of our landing page examples below using the following name servers:


User Profiles and Portfolios?

We allow users to feature their domain portfolio's through their profile pages; upon registration all users are generated with their own unique profile and url address to display their personal domains.

Users can easily share their potdomains profile and unique url for instant access to their pot related domain names for sale; Example of user profiles:

Domain Sales ?

All domain sales and purchases of a domain and website will use Escrow: An escrow process that ensures buyers get the domain or website and sellers get paid.  All domains will be automatically processed and generated through escrow.com at time of agreement between buyer and seller.

Potdomains charges 15% commission on all domains sold either through Buy it now or through landing page / inquiry lead generation.  All payments and transactions are held by escrow.com

Escrow Process?

The escrow company takes the buyer's funds, verifies the deposit to the seller, and transfers the funds to the seller after the buyer receives the merchandise, thus protecting the interests of both the buyer and seller.

Learn more about Escrow

Privacy Policy - GDPR Compliant?

We have updated our privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”) and to the extent that Potdomains offers its goods and services to individuals which complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

You can see read our updated privacy policy policy here.

Is my info safe??

Potdomains does not store or will not ask for any credit card information, bank statements, or any type of payment requests directly through our website. All domains are sold through a third party escrow.com which will initiate the transaction for the following domain sale.

The only information we do store in our databse is your following Name, Email, Phone Number, and Password in which is secured using SHA-256.[1]  As always we recommend using a different password for every single website you use.


If you need to get in touch with our team we can be contacted at "[email protected]"

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